How to Translate Text from Image?

OpenL April 12, 2024

Can’t read menus and street signs when you’re in a foreign country? Luckily, you can use OpenL to translate these texts into your native language. This tutorial will teach you how to translate text from photos using OpenL.

Things you need to know

  • OpenL Translate automatically detects the source language in a picture and translates it into the target language of your choice.
  • In a few simple steps, you can upload an image and get the translation result.
  • You can copy or download the translated text for easy use and saving.

Step 1: Open OpenL

Step 2: Select the target language

  • Select the target language you wish to translate into on the page. The source language will be automatically detected by the system.

Step 3: Upload or drag images

  • Click the upload area or drag and drop the image file to the specified area to upload the image you need to translate.
  • OpenL supports JPG, PNG, WebP image formats.

Step 4: Translate and View Results

  • The system will recognize the text on the image and display the translation result.
  • You can copy the translated text directly or download the result.
  • You can click the play button to hear the translation results (available for some languages).

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